Monday, January 17, 2011


Why do people eat pizza with a knife and fork?

That's right. I'm sophisticated.

To me, pizza has always been PizzaHut. Greasy, fattening and if you see it with no intension of eating it – disgusting. Even now when I look at the pizza in the picture, I feel sick.

I once went to an Italian restaurant in Munich where the menus were all in Italian (great idea, guy.) So because we were in a hurry to catch a show, we didn't bother asking the waiters to translate everything and just ordered Pizzas we could somewhat decipher. In the end all five of us got pizza. This restaurant was pretty fancy, so we ate with knifes and forks (which is normal in Germany anyway. Seriously, I saw a guy at PizzaHut eating with a knife and fork!!) Either way, what made me chuckle was seeing everyone fight with their meal. Trying to cut the tough dough with a dull knife, the pizza sliding off the plate knocking over the water, the constant screeching of the metal cutlery on the plate… just hilarious.

Of course, I did the same.

If you're ever in Rosenheimer Platz in Munich…

But what annoys me the most with using cutlery is the pain in your fingers. The knives are either too dull, or the dough is too hard, but something is making my fingers hurt and I want it to stop. Maybe I'll just stop eating pizza in places where I can't be "American." Or stop eating pizza all together… Seriously, I have to stop thinking about pizza, or else I'm going to hurl.

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