Sunday, July 31, 2011

Why I can't write

Recently a friend of mine has decided to start writing. He came immediately to me for advice. Which I was able to give him from my extensive research online and from some writing books I've read. I gave him hundreds of ideas, methods to come up with ideas, writing exercises etc.

When my best friend came down from Denmark the three of us sat together and spoke about his ideas. The ideas kept coming, the inspiration flowed and advice was given.

Now we come to tonight. My friend sent me two and a half story ideas and I replied with two pages of notes. So I began to think, "Where are my ideas?"

I have spent the last two weeks telling a friend how to come up with ideas and how to realize them, yet in the last couple of months I haven't written a paragraph or even come up with a coherent storyline. As I was thinking this over, while lazily slouching on the couch, it came to me. I am lazily slouching on the couch while my friend is probably working. My best friend is probably with his friends and family having a good time, living life. Here I am alone in my apartment, wondering why I can't come up with ideas, when all I do is watch TV shows online, play Minecraft, eat and sleep!

I've gotta get out more...

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