Tuesday, March 1, 2011

Sad or Beautiful?

Is this sad or beautiful?

you tell me…

Personally, I am a person who thinks romances over the internet are not as magical or beautiful as they were in the times before the internet.

The internet allows more people to be more connected, quicker and easier. But this leads them to being more lazy. Maybe one of the reasons divorce is so common now a days is because of the internet. Everything has become so easy to do, that when something goes wrong or becomes difficult, we just push it away, forget about it, or break up.

Before the internet, if people wanted to find a partner, they would have to go out. Usually this place would be a hangout, a bar or a club. Right from the start you would meet a person who shares at least one interest of yours. Either the music, or social drinking, or the view from the hangout. A common interest of Facebook, or Farmville is not really enough to base a relationship on, since it is something you do alone.

Of course I'm not saying that the internet is bad for relationships. Just the meeting over the internet can be difficult. The internet is world wide, which means if I am on a website talking to random people and suddenly I meet a person who has the same interests as I do and is otherwise a perfect match for me, there is a chance she lives in a country, or even a city that is inaccessible to me. I live in Germany. Say the person I meet lives in California – I can't just buy a ticket and fly over there for a week based on a "relationship" we have on the internet.

I like the internet as a way of continuing a relationship. For example, my best friend lives in Denmark. We met at school, the way we met and actually became friends is a story is still like to tell people today. But thanks to Skype, we can chat with each other almost everyday as if we were sitting right next to each other. But, we still met in real life.

There's a similar story with my girlfriend. I met her while playing sports – I found her online, and we started chatting. But we still met each other twice a week at training. So we had human contact, not just sitting in front of the monitor all day.

I am a redditor, which means I read the news and other stuff through reddit. One of my favorite subreddits is called f7u12 – also known as rage comics. There is a character called "forever alone…"

This guy
…and I am sick of him. Usually the comics involve him sitting in front of his computer complaining about how everyone else around him is in a relationship, happy or just better off than him. And they are all the same. They wonder why they aren't in a relationship, while slurping down their third bottle of soda, eating their second pizza and their ass forever bonded to the crushed chair that is barely holding their weight. The answer to the problem is very simple, and they all know the answer. They just don't do it because it's too hard.

I have two friends who haven't had a relationship for a long time, if ever. They both do not fit the description above, but are still alone in the sense of a relationship. But here's the difference – they don't complain. Why? Because they have friends that out-weight the need of a girlfriend. Sure a girlfriend is great, but you won't be wallowing in self-pity all the time. A here's a tip – girls don't like a guy who is constantly doubting themselves. Probably one of the reasons why the "forever alone" guy is forever alone.

If anyone is reading this who is needs help finding a girlfriend or friends at all, remember this…

and that's the problem
I'm not saying we should all go to war, just be more of a man. A real man. Oh, and go outside and do stuff. It's fun.

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